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This channel is dedicated to courses, events, campus resources, and promotional content for the general public.

Restricted iTunes U

This channel has been closed down by Apple.

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About Columbia on iTunes U

Columbia on iTunes U delivers Columbia-produced course collections and podcasts to students, faculty, and the public through Apple's popular iTunes media player and it's free iTunes U app for iOS. Faculty and instructors can manage their course-related audio and video collections for students to download. Schools and departments can offer academic and promotional content to the Columbia community or the public at-large.

Visit Columbia on iTunes U for:

  • Course content for students at Columbia University
  • Audio, video, and documents created by Columbia faculty, schools, and departments
  • Archives of campus events and conferences
  • Tours of the Columbia University campus

Columbia on iTunes U is accessible through the iTunes U app for iOS, and can be found among the listing of higher education institutions. It is also accessible through iTunes U section of the iTunes Store. All iTunes users can search, find, and download public media collections on Columbia on iTunes U.

iTunes U puts the power of the iTunes Store to work for colleges and universities, so users can easily search, download, and play course content just like they do music, movies, and TV shows.

Always in session - iTunes U delivers easy, 24/7 access to educational content from hundreds of top colleges, universities, and educationally focused organizations across the country. And it's accessible to anyone with a Mac, PC or iPhone/iPod touch.

Learning to go - Students can sync iTunes U content with any iPod or iPhone, so they can go right on learning while they grab a meal, walk to class, or work out at the gym.

Keeps them motivated - Engaging students on their home turf, iTunes U offers audio and video that make subjects more vivid than any printed page ever could.

Open-minded - iTunes U lets schools open all or part of their content to the public, from parents to alumni to anyone with a love of learning.

Some content adapted with permission from Apple, Inc. For more information, please visit the Apple - iTunes U home page: